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Helping support Australia's rural communities and Aussie farmers.

We providing tangible resources to drought, flood or fire affected communities. Stock feed, Water, Financial assistance, & Volunteers.
We offer a 24/7 helpline and on the ground counselling services
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Your messages of support.

We won’t forget you.
Thinking of you, and praying rain comes soon!
Behind you all the way
Hang in there. We support you.
I hope this donation can help in any way
As I am from a farming family, I know the welfare of animals is paramount. I honour your persistence, perseverance, and passion in order to grow food.
The current tv viewing is heart wrenching and I find it deplorable that these offers of help weren’t available long before this but at least it’s here now and the people of Australia are finally “listening” & reaching out to help no matter how small or big the donation.
You are just wonderful. To go though what you do on daily basis is truly remarkable and my heart goes out to you. I have tried to this many times but it’s been so busy that l get timed out. Just want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart and l hope it rains more and the fires stop.
Wish I could do more.
You are not forgotten, we appreciate you, Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi
Thankyou for putting food on our table. Please keep up your tremendous work. Wish we could give you more.
We pray for you
We’re thinking of you!
Keep up the good work…
We’re thinking of you!
Hang in there
We’re thinking of you!

Welcome to Buy a Bale

Supporting Aussie farmers and rural communities throughout Australia. This drought appeal campaign is providing meaningful support for farmers by delivering hay and other essential items to farmers who have no feed left for their cattle.

All donations to our drought assistance campaign have a four fold effect. Some hay is donated, some we buy, so we’re feeding a hay farmer and their family. Some of our truckies are donating their time and diesel, some loads we’re paying for, so we’re feeding truckies and their families. Donations towards our Country Card inject immediate cash into the rural towns, city cash going bush. Finally what hay we deliver saves farmers cash that they can continue to spend on other items.

Australia, donating to Buy a Bale is helping not just farmers but their communities and so many more people.
Thank you on behalf of our farmers for your support.

Join In for Parma for a Farmer

With many farmers suffering through one of the worst Droughts Australia has experienced; Parma for a Framer is an effort to help raise money for those in the need.

Parma for a farmer is an initiative that sees clubs and hotels donate proceeds from parma sales to help drought stricken farmers.

Parma For A Farmer is an exciting initiative to engage with hotels, clubs, restaurants, eateries across Australia who have agreed to give $1 for every parm sold to our Buy a Bale Campaign.

Register for Parma for a Farmer…

For more information, visit:


"Thank you Buy a Bale for the opportunity to support our farmers. We live in a drought affected community and see the starving cattle being drove along the roadside, we see the town getting quieter as business slows because farmers are struggling, we see the land void of fodder"